Voices in my head

The other day I blurted out to hubby that he was a “F-in grump!”  Yeah, that didn’t go too well.  But OMG, lately all that has been coming out of his mouth has been negative this, negative that … blah blah blah …

I work with someone like that all day … and to come home to that all night …   I exploded and out it came.   *sigh*

He’s getting better and I’m trying also … I still cringe at the hint of negativity.

You know when you have conversations in your head, a role play if you will, of what may or may not happen?  Come on, admit it … you know what I mean! 

Well, while playing Bejeweled Blitz, I had a whole conversation going through my brain with hubby, then it turned into a full blown fight.  I’m actually still seething from this “in my head” confrontation.  

So is this a warning? Or is this a premonition of what is to come?  Or is this just that I’m “effin crazy?”


4 thoughts on “Voices in my head

  1. I talk in my head so much it’s as if there is an entire chorus up there! I have conversations that happened and cast forth senarios of those that may happen. I’m a sad and sorry loser!

    I am sometimes negative as well but more often cynical which sometimes sounds like negativity. Feel sorry for us grumps. We feel sorry for ourselves!

  2. Every time I go into a new situation or I think I’m going into a new situation, I rehearse and hearse again in my head. When it finally comes, whatever it is, it rarely resembles my rehearsals. I guess it helps me to feel prepared.

    I hope whatever happens with you and the Hubby is also different and ends with ice cream.

  3. S. – Unfortunately head conversations are common. Cynical vs negativity … pretty close.

    GH – Had a beer the other night at the party. I’m definately ready for another!

    HD – Thanks 🙂

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