Dribbling coffee pot … good day or bad?

I have a little black Mr. Coffee maker.  It makes enough to fill two mugs of coffee, which is  my limit.  There are days I can pour my coffee and it fills the cup just fine.  Then there are days it dribbles down the side.  Granted those days are few and far between, but does it have to happen at all?

As I was cleaning up the dribble, I got to thinking … yes, always a bad thing, this thinking thing … my thought was … is it going to be  a good day or bad day?

It’s a good day as it is the start of five days off for me.  Bad day because it’s a doc day and we didn’t do what we are supposed to do … get our blood work, get more test strips, eat right, exercise, yadda, yadda, yadda … yeah, I’m thinking it will be a not so good appointment. 

But come on, December is the eat crappy month!!  There’s the Thanksgiving fallout, my birthday, Christmas Parties, Christmas Day, our anniversary and  New Years … all of which require, pie, ice cream, cake, fudge, brownies, cookies, killer cinnamon rolls and definately candy … in the words of Garfield, “Candy, Candy, Candy!!”  For a sugarholic like me, December is not a good month.

So, why oh why, would I get my test strips AND why in the heck would I get my blood work done?!?!?!?  There is a method to my madness … lol … yeah, okay, so it makes sense in my twisted world!!

After stating all this, I have lost the weight challenge … LOL … I kinda fell off the diet wagon and landed face first in the “all bad for you but tastes so damn good” wagon!!  That’s okay, I’ll just have to scrape my pennies together so I can afford the steak dinners … lol !!  I’m just glad our friend is doing well, otherwise his doc was going to, as he puts it, cut his stomach in half!  He has enough going on in his life and doesn’t need to have that also.

Those of you that have followed along for the past few years, know I’m gung ho at the beginning and then peter out midway … lol … I’m one of those that wants instant, right now, can’t wait types of people when it comes to these things (story writing, weight loss, projects).  Oh crap, it just dawned on me that I lost my story I was writing last year when the computer crashed.  I wonder if I was smart enough to save it to a disc … lol … yeah right … dang, dang, dang!!!  

I would love to be one of those people that can write their stories on paper.  The only thing is my brain thinks faster than my hand does.  I find writing and typing is easier … but … then I forget to go that extra step and SAVE it on something other than my hard drive.   This has happened to me twice.  I have two stories partially written and I’ve lost them both.   

Standing in a line doesn’t bother me as much, because I don’t have control over it, however, stories, projects, diets … yeah, I usually get impatient if it isn’t happening fast enough! 

Sex on the other hand … is a totally different story … LOL

I’ve told hubby that he needs to get writing his book.  So, Hubby, if you are reading this … get writing your book!!!!!!   LOL …  Just be sure to save it, so when our trusty computer crashes again, it’s still there.  Although he prints way faster than I can write (comes from many years of doing reports for the different agencies he’s worked for), so he may be writing his book on paper.   LOL … one just never knows about him!

Wow, that rolled in fast!  I just looked outside and we have freezing fog again.  I never knew what freezing fog or freezing rain was until we moved to Nebraska.  Or an Ice storm for that matter!  We were educated quite quickly as we moved there in December.  Come to think of it, we moved away from Nebraska in January.   Yes, we are nuts!!

Well, I’m going to wander around cyber space for awhile.  I’ve found a new game to play “Bubble Town” … lol … I have a thing about blowing things up.

While online window shopping, I came across a T-shirt that said, “Been there, Broke that!”   LOL … I thought it was perfect for the boys in my whole family!  Then I realized it also applied to me !!


5 thoughts on “Dribbling coffee pot … good day or bad?

  1. SG – thanks, i try … but you know how that goes, some of the sugar substitutes gives one gastric distress … Sugar is way better! LOL

    GH – That’s my end of the year motto!

  2. What sort of book is your husband writing? I’m supposedly writing one as well but haven’t worked on it is quite some time. It takes a lot of time to write books and takes me away from important things like blogging!

  3. S. – It just dawned on me that I hadn’t responded. I kept telling myself to … and the days have slipped away. Hubby’s writing … probably a mystery of some kind.

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