Another day of my life

I’ve been trying to find something to send to my kids.  The grandbabies are taken care of and their gifts are in FedEx’s hands or I should say trucks.   I was looking at English Muffin catalogs, Salt Water Taffy from Montery (yummy store), Bessinger’s gourmet chocolates (even more yummy), Swiss Colony … you name it.  A little voice inside, brought me around … we all know this time of year is bigger than the commercial end of gift giving, fretting over gifts, etc.   I love it when I listen to His soft voice telling me what to do … so I did. 

We are going to Vegas for Christmas, weather permitting.  My niece makes killer cinnamon rolls, so I’m getting a lesson.   She used to live at this elevation, so she can also show me what I need to do to adjust the recipe.  I always forget what to add or take away.  My goal this year is to make a killer loaf of bread and rolls … so, hopefully this will be the start of a new hobby for me. 

Christmas is 10 days away … wow … the year is almost over.  2010, doesn’t that sound so  sci-fi-ish? 

Work is getting slower and slower.  Part of me thinks I should look for a part time job OR a whole new job all together.  I’m not sure any profession is recession proof right now.  So I’ll hang in where I am until I can no longer hang on.

Well, I hope y’all have a good rest of the week.  I’m ready going to bed.


5 thoughts on “Another day of my life

  1. Yeah, who would’a thought we’d ever see a year like 2010? It does sound a bit Sci-Fic-ish to me.

    Vegas for Christmas? I don’t think I could bear it. I love the snow we get in Northern Ohio. I love being home at Christmas. I do hope you have a great time and share your new-found cinnamon roll making talents. I’d like to place my order now for a few gross please.

    Happy Christmas to you.

  2. S. – I was born and raised in Las Vegas … so it’s home and family, even though it is no longer the town hubby and I grew up. As for baking, we’ll see, baking dough (pie crust, bread, rolls) is a new adventure. Ever since I made pie crust dough that was a dry ball of lead, until “Chef Dad” fixed it … I have stayed away from anything that required dough making, except in a box! LOL … tired of “box” so I’m gonna learn from scratch … should be interesting to see how this old dog, learns a new trick!

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