It’s raining snow

There is no wind outside.  The snow is falling straight down. 

Are dark M&M’s a nutritional breakfast?  Better yet, they are the red and green holiday M&M’s.  I’m thinking they are.  Nothing else to do on a snowy birth day.  It’s supposed to snow all day through tomorrow.  And a possibility of Monday too.  Oh well, tis the season!

How do you eat M&Ms?  By the handfuls?  Or … do you separate them by color and eat them one at a time?  Or … do you separate them by color and eat one of each color?  My answer is yes … LOL … I’ve been known to do all of the above.  If it’s a small bag or a handful of M&Ms, I’ll separate the colors and either eat them one at a time or two and a time.  I have no idea why or when I started doing this.  I know it was in my recent adulthood, I think.

Yesterday was another trip to Reno.  I may be a grinch, however, we do try to get things for our grandbabies.  Our children … lol … well, you know … how it is … I’ll have to see what is left after the 5 grandchildren are taken care of.

Friday the weather and roads were so different from Thursday.  Coming home through Washoe Valley (where the pic was taken in my last post) it was darker as we hung out at Barnes and Noble until 5pm.  Driving home the sun was starting to hide behind the mountains & clouds.  By the time we got to Washoe Valley it was dark and snowing.  The roads were slick as was evident by the number of SUV’s that had slid off the road.  There were about 12 of them off the road and that was just the south bound traffic.    Four wheel drive is great … except when the road is slippery, then it’s four wheels a spinning.  Amazing how people forget that!  There were only a couple of cars, but it looked like they were part of a chain reaction accident.  The single vehicle slide offs, were SUV’s and 4-wheel drive trucks. 

Today we are not going anywhere.  I’m pretty tired from our two day wanderings and I have gifts to wrap.

Depending on the weather, we may travel to Vegas for Christmas.  You know me, everything is up in the air until it’s time to go.  So, that’s the plan … but one never knows.  Do we go, do we stay … decisions, decisions.

4 thoughts on “It’s raining snow

  1. When it comes to M&Ms, we think alike. I used to sort them out by color, arrange them my their order in the spectrum (Brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, …) and then eat one of each color in order until they were all gone. If the last one I ate was brown – bad luck. HA! I’m sure I’m mentally ill somewhere.

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