Trip to Reno

We went to Reno today.  Hubby had his yearly check up with the back surgeon.  All is still the same and his pain meds were renewed, since the pain hasn’t gone away.  It has eased up, just a bit, but at least he hasn’t had the numbness or pain down his leg.  His small toes are numb, but that is probably due to his ankle injury.

Our middle daughter sent us gift cards to Barnes & Noble.  We were going to go to take them with us, just in case we found something we wanted … but, duh … I forgot them on the kitchen counter.  So, maybe we will go back tomorrow. 

There is quite a bit of snow everywhere.  It looks pretty cool.  Here’s a picture along the highway in Washoe Valley on our way home.

The valley between Reno and Carson City, looking West

The clouds looked interesting … I heard the storm has been moved up a day and it’s expected sometime tomorrow night bringing a few more inches.  However, tomorrow is supposed to be in the 50’s … oooohh, a heat wave!   I was trying to avoid getting another pair of studded snow tires, but if the weather keeps up, I may have to do it.  *sigh* 

Tuesday morning we made it to the lake with no problem.  When I turned onto the street hubby works, I  did  a donut at the corner.  Luckily I was going slow AND luckily the oncoming car was able to stop and watch the show.    I laughed and said that it was a good thing it happened in front of the fire department, just in case I got stuck.  Dang, I really miss my studs.  What to do, what to do.  It’s only money.  ARGH!

9 thoughts on “Trip to Reno

  1. S – Thanks – we used to live in the flat lands of Nebraska. Hubby had to move back to the mountains, so here we are.

    HD – hee hee hee, wouldn’t you like to know?!?!? ;-D

  2. Beautiful picture.

    It seems Homer-Dog beat me to the punch on the “studs” aspect. Some day you’ll have to write a post all about your experiences with studs, turnip trucks, studs on turnip trucks, etc…

  3. HD – lol, You nut!!

    GH – Thx on the pic, I had others, but I had my email address wrong, so it’s lost in cyberspace somewhere. LOL … I’m not sure you guys are ready for me to write about my “experiences” with studs/trucks/studs & trucks … LOL

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