I didn’t mean it!!

The other day when I titled my post “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow” …  I really didn’t mean it!!!  By the time it stops snowing it will have dropped about a foot of snow.  We don’t usually get that much snow here in the valley.  So I can imagine what it’s like at the lake/mountains. 

No, I am not going to work.  Roads suck and this is a crappy feeling day for me, plus I need to shovel.  I’m just waiting for it to stop so I can get out there and clean off cars and shovel drives (ours and our neighbors).  I had hubby pull the truck up further under the carport so the house would keep the engine from freezing AND to keep from clearing snow off the truck.  However, the neighbor’s car is out in the elements and is covered. 

Around 6am this morning and it's still snowing (neighbor's car)

You can’t even see the mountains in the distance.  The newscasters keep telling everyone to stay home because the road are bad.  The snow plows are out, but they can only do so much to try to keep up with what is falling.

other neighbor's tree

At first I thought the lights were out, except for the bottom … but … duh, the snow has the other lights covered.    Hello, platinum blond here!!

Art mimicking nature or nature mimicking art

The tree across the street looks like part of the decorations in our church for Christmas.    I’ll have to see if I can get a picture of the auditorium and lobby sometime this week.  It looks really cool!

My KC sister called and I’m a new great aunt to a little boy.   Our mom had 4 girls and a boy.  My sisters had all boys, except my brother and me, we had one of each.  It looked like the offspring from the next generation were going to be girls.   My parents now have 20 great-grandchildren.  Of those, 11 are girls.  So, the boys are catching up.  I say that like there’s a chance for more … I’m thinking the X-Gen in our family is almost done.  Then again, we could be surprised.

I took a peak outside and dang, that white stuff is still falling.  Hopefully this system will leave soon!  I heard that Sacramento even got snow from this system. 

Well, I’m going to curl up in front of the fire and watch it snow.  Y’all have a good day!


6 thoughts on “I didn’t mean it!!

  1. I’ll have to check with The Parentage to verify that snow-rumor.

    It’s hard not to romanticize the whole idea of snow when you live somewhere that doesn’t get any. Of course, no one romanticizes commuting in it, either…

  2. It’s coming for us tonight around 8 pm and all night… they are saying 12 inches or more. gah. Congrats on the new baby! Its funny how when it snows, babies are born because of the drop in the barometric pressure. That happened with big A, on Jan 20, we had snowfall and I went into labor with her!

  3. GH – so, did Sac get snow? I know Stockton did, my cousin had mentioned that on FB.

    SG – that is interesting to know about the barometric pressure … totally makes sense though. Did the snow his hard there?

    HD – Sorry … Same storm. From what I heard it was building up steam as it headed your way. I know my arms hurt just from shoveling my driveway and we didn’t get as much as other places in my neck of the woods.

    S. – Here at my house, we actually got 7 inches. In Carson City there was a foot. The lake got around 1 1/2 – 2 ft of snow. It’s unusual for the valley. With the drought the last few years, the ski resorts are happy it snowed.

    I’m just super duper happy that my house didn’t get as much as the midwest, where Homer Dog & Sweetiegirlz are. I’d be crippled after shoveling all the snow HD received.

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