I love a parade

Yesterday was my brother’s birthday.  I still whisper “Happy Birthday, Brother” in my head on this day.  I’m hoping he’s in a place he can hear my thoughts and that I’ll see him again.  With his birthday, my day follows the next week.  I had more anticipation when I was younger.  Now, it’s another step down that road of aging.  LOL !!

Yesterday, I did sit my rear on the couch most of the day and got caught up on the “Castle” shows we’ve recorded (5 of them).  The more I watch this show, the more I like it.  Around 4pm, hubby was noticing that our street was getting blocked off and cars were driving down the street only to back up and turn around due to the baracade.  Reason … The Parade of Lights !! 

Even through he wasn’t feeling good, we bundled ourselves up and walked the few blocks to the middle of town and waited for the parade to pass.  This was the first time to actually see this parade since we moved to this little town and to walk by the park’s gazebo all lit up.  Here are the pics, sorry for the blurriness.

The gazebo all lit up in the park down the street

Sheriff's D.A.R.E. Camaro with a lion?

I told my husband that I wanted to drive the D.A.R.E. car … but I didn’t think they’d let me zoom around town in it.

This was my favorite

I had to make it small, since it was blurry blown up … it looks really good on my phone … LOL

This morning my childhood neighbor sent me this pic … I laughed … was I really that young and small?

That's me on the left in the skeleton costume

I have no idea what we were doing, as I remember the costume, not the event.

Hope you are enjoying this time of year, even with the hussle and bussle of the season.  Make sure you carve out time to enjoy and take in the beauty of the lights, scenes and meaning of Christmas.


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