It’s Fridaaaayyyyyy!!!!

Yeah, I got nothin’!   I’ve been fighting something for a few weeks and it has finally landed on my face!  Those nasty dreaded head colds … so I’m drinking Tazo Green Tea  and doing all that I can to keep from it getting into my chest … we’ll see how successfull I am at that!

It’s been a pretty busy week but after today, I need rest to keep this cold from getting worse. 

Just stopped in to whine and now I’ve gotta go, have to get to the church.  Y’all have a great day and a super weekend!!

2 thoughts on “It’s Fridaaaayyyyyy!!!!

  1. Thanks, HD. One day I feel crappy, but the next day I feel better, and so the cycle has been for about 2 weeks. It’s crazy man, just crazy! LOL

    Hope your wife finaly kicks hers and you stay healthy.

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