Did you survive the turkey coma?

I was surprised that we didn’t have the turkey coma affect this year.  I don’t know if it was because the turkey was a natural no added hormones, etc to it from Trader Joes or what.  But, I’m real glad we didn’t, although I can’t tell you what we did, because yesterday is pretty much a blurr with all the cooking and eating.  Oh yeah, and visiting with the neighbor.  It was actually a pleasant visit, although I’m now watching her dog for the next three days as she’s going to be doing a craft fair trying to sell her jewelry.

She actually does really nice work on her jewelry and her prices are extremely low compared to others.

Black Friday, were you one of those determined people to camp outside the store at all hours of the night?  I saw on the news that one of the malls was opening at midnight and one by one the stores would be opening at different times during the wee small hours of the morning.  There is one thing to be said for not having alot of moolah to spend, I won’t be out there with all the crazy shoppers this year trying to get a deal.  LOL … I may just see what is online and see if my pittance can find something I want out there.

Y’all have a great Friday, stay safe and calm if you are out in that shopping frenzy.


6 thoughts on “Did you survive the turkey coma?

  1. Black Friday – a day to stay at home. This year though we are driving to Marshalltown, Iowa. The Wife’s Uncle & Aunt are celebrating their 50th on Saturday.

    WE survived Turkey day too but wasn’t as successful at avoiding the coma. I walked around like a zombie after we got home from Mom’s.

    I do most, if not all, of my Christmas shopping online – no lines, no traffic, no weather, no clothes (;-) just kidding!!)

  2. Jessica – I think it is a natural occurance in turkey, although, my husband has said chicken is known to have more than turkey. What we think makes it stronger is the added hormones and whatever that may enhance the size of the bird, which make sense, would also enhance all of the other things in the bird. LOL … did that make sense?

    HD – LOL – I totally get the no clothes thing … wearing whatever you would at home and not be caught dead wearing out in public!! Hence my outfit while cooking yesterday! How fun,being a part of a golden year anniversary. Drive careful and have a great time!

  3. I really enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey and all the rest with sides of homemade pies. Yes, PIES plural. Mmmm… I had a piece of toast and a small cookie for supper though. I was still fairly full from the Midday meal.

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