Happy Gobble Gobble Day

For those of you that are still traveling to your destination, I hope you stay safe all through your trip and back while having a super time.  Those that have arrived at their destinations, I hope you have a great trip.  Those that are staying home or visiting friends nearby, I hope you enjoy the moment!

One of our customer’s is having prime rib and crab cakes!  I told him we all were going to his house as it sounded way better than bird!  So here it is 6am, and I have nothing started yet.  As soon as I log off, I will get the stove & oven fired up, the kitchen blender/mixer whirling … yeah, kinda like the sweet factory in YoVille.  Except I won’t be in an elegant pantsuit with my hair all fancied up.  LOL … Okay, this is what I’m wearing … black slippers, white socks, black silky bottom long johns, pastel multi colored shorts and a white t-shirt.  Hair is pulled back into a ponytail.  I can’t find this outfit in YoVille, otherwise I would change my person.

I hope y’all have a great day doing whatever your plans are today!


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