Are you high?

Why yes, as a matter of fact I am.   LOL … Hubby is spreading his germs … and I’ve been fighting it all day!  So, tonight, I came home, had dinner and took cough syrup with codeine and a muscle relaxer.  Try playing Bejeweled Blitz while floating … pretty interesting.  Reflexes aren’t that great, but the explosions are spectacular.

I don’t have time to be sick.  Too much to do with getting our dinner ready for Turkey Day.  Next week, I am going to help decorate the church for Christmas.  So next week will be busy.  I’m excited and as long as I keep my head in the volunteering mode, I’ll be fine.  But then I get stuck in the woe is me mode and I plummet.  So, I’ll take the advice of my friend, HD, and take a deep breath and I’ll make it through.

I didn’t go to small group tonight, because I want to go to bed and try and get the rest I need to fight whatever is trying to attack me.  But, here I am … on the computer … if there are any typos or if I don’t make sense … excuse me … I’m typing under the influence.  LOL .. hmmm, can I get arrested for TUI?

I’ve talked about my neighbor next door.  The one I need to have the boundary talk with.  No, I haven’t had that talk, so I’m still getting visits and calls.  Poor hubby has been the one that has been stuck, since I’ve been gone or asleep.   Well, tonight she rings our doorbell in a panic, because she’s lost her cell phone and she’s all out of balance because of this.  In addition, she has a tooth ache and needs to get her tooth pulled.  I give her my phone to call her friend in Reno and she leaves a message for him to call her, so she knows what to do about her phone.  When she gets off the phone I asked her if she tried calling it to see if it rings in her car or somewhere.

So I call it, the first time, she didn’t get to the car in time.  I called it again and her phone is ringing in her car and she’s on the passenger side trying to find it by looking on the floor and under the passenger seat.  I go to the driver’s side, call it again and I look in her car and it’s sitting on the driver’s seat.  She’s been driving around all day with it under her rear end.  All I could do was shake my head.  Now all is right with her world, with the exception of her tooth, which is getting pulled tomorrow at noon.   Pretty sad I know her schedule more than I know my own. 

Well, I’m going to bounce off the walls to my room and climb into bed.  Y’all have a good evening!


2 thoughts on “Are you high?

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