I know death is a part of life.  All things die.  These last 7 days have been full of mourning.  Tuesday my nephew’s significant other’s step-father dies.  Just a day or two after that, this same person’s brother-in-law dies.  Then Saturday morning our friend passes. 

One of our other friends wife is battling cancer and it is unknown whether she’ll make it through the next year.  One of my co-worker’s father in law is in hospice, struggling with the ins and outs of his disease.  The same co-worker’s mom is also struggling with her disease.  Our salesman’s friends wife is in the hospital fighting cancer.  She’s had chemo and a bone marrow transplant and she’s still not stable.

All I have to say … is … what the heck is going on?  Have I reached the age where this is a normal occurance?  Come on, I’m only going to be 51 … geesh!

It feels pretty strange.  I’m not a stranger to death as you know I’ve lost four people in my family (dad, mom, sis & brother).  My hubby isn’t a stranger to death either as he’s lost his mom and dad and step-dad.  I know all things die and we as humans also shed our earth suit.  It’s just odd to lose so many within a week AND to have so many fighting to stay for their lives.



One thought on “Mortality

  1. My family went through roughly the same thing when my parents were approximately your age. I think it’s just the way life is, sometimes. You know what they say: “It never rains, but it storms…”

    Hope you’re doin okay. 🙂

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