Happy Birthday, Belle!

Is it really possible that thirty years ago I was told by my doctor, instead of checking out of the hospital, which I had been in for a week, he had scheduled surgery to get her out.  

Wow, that was an experience, being 20 years old, my husband at the time was at work and I was in the hospital not allowed visitors, except for him and my mom.  I had no idea that was doc’s orders.  Turns out my blood pressure was up, I had toxemia and since I would not stay off my feet and take it easy, the doc admitted me into the hospital.

They would take my blood pressure every 15-30 mintues.  One day I was watching a movie with a boxing kangaroo.  It was exciting – of course, anything would be exciting when you have to lay in bed and only getting out to use the bathroom.  Just that small bit of excitement, raised my blood pressure.  I was surprised they didn’t take the TV from me also.

A week later, my blood work and all my other tests were starting to look better.  The doc had said if things kept up, he would probably send me home, with the promise that I was on bedrest.  Unfortunately, my tests didn’t stay  good.  I took a turn for the worse and my poor baby was getting the brunt of it.  So, he scheduled an emergency C-section.  I told them I had to call my husband, so they brought me a phone (oh yeah, they took the phone away from me also) and had to leave him messages, since he was working at the jail and he wasn’t near a phone. 

All of this happened so fast.  I remember being in the O.R. getting the shot in my back to numb me .  That was the hardest thing, having a huge belly and being asked to curl myself into a ball so they can get between my vertebrae … LOL … that had to be interesting as it took three of them to pull my head one way and the other pulling my legs toward my head, the third giving me the shot.  But they accomplished the job. 

Since I was still a month away from my due date, the baby hadn’t dropped.  The doc had his intern assisting.  She was a very small skinny thing and she had to push on my stomach to get the baby to drop.  I felt so bad for her, she had the hardest part.  Finally … the baby was born.  They let me see her for a quick minute, then she was rushed off to be cleaned and all.

After that, I was in and out of  lolla land.  I remember opening my eyes and seeing everyone in my room.  Next time I opened them, it was my mom and husband.  Then I opened them again, and I was alone.  LOL …. I have no idea what the time span was, but it was pretty funny, in my brain.  

 Once I was alone, the nurses came in and I needed to sign papers so they could take the baby to the neonatal (sorry for spelling) clinic as she was too premature for their women’s hospital.  My foggy brain didn’t know what to do, and since I couldn’t read the words, I made the nurse tell me exactly what I was signing.  After my shaky signature, the paramedics wheeled my new baby in so I could see her before we were separated. 

I’m assuming they had spoke to my baby’s dad, since I was still in a fog for what seemed like 2 days.  My family was allowed to visit, now that the baby was born and my vitals, blood, fluids and all were starting to return to normal. 

I was finally discharged and my husband brought me to the other hospital where the baby was.  We get to her plastic bassinet and he’s unplugging all these wires.  I started to freak … what the heck was he doing … only to be told that  they were only monitors and nothing life supporting.  I finally get to hold my beautiful daughter.

So Happy Birthday, my Belle!!  I wish you a wonderful day today!


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Belle!

  1. GH – she does in her own way.

    SG – she’s definately a miracle baby … I was told by one doc that I was pregnant with her, then went back for my check up and he told me I had lost it. Still no monthly visit, so I went to another doc and he put a monitor on my belly to hear her heart beat.

    Unfortunately when my son came along, I went through the same thing, but not as severe. We were able to leave the same hospital together. But again, he was an emergency C-section … went for a check up and doc sent me straight to the hospital for the operation.

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