Halloween, hope yours is spooky

Ours will pretty much be the same as every day.  We don’t give out candy, because the dog freaks out.  He thinks it is the pizza delivery man.  Hmm, think we’ve order too much pizza in the past?  So we will sit at home with the lights off, fireplace lit and watch the tele.

Okay, so I will probably be on facebook playing bejeweled blitz, but still with the fireplace lit and the tele on.  LOL

Thankfully the spooks are busy elsewhere.  After their “come here”, I’ve been left alone!  Thank you God!! 

So here is this years ghost story.  Growing up, our house was open to all the childrens friends.  Mom and dad told them to make themselves at home and whatever they found in the fridge, they could have.  So most of our friends would come over and head right for the fridge. 

The house I grew up in had squeeky wood floors and squeeky hinges.  The boards would squeek from the front door all through the house.  It was pretty hard to sneek in and out of the house because of this.  The only one that would sneek out of the house was my brother, since his bedroom was right by the back door.  We could have used a window, but there were too many black widows around it, being the desert and all, and our room was right next to mom and dad.

Anyway,  years later, my sister’s best friend died in a car accident.  At the time, I was the only one living at home with my parents.  Dad worked as a chef at one of the hotels so he didn’t go to bed until after 1 or 2 in the morning.  Just as he got into bed, he heard the front door open, the floor squeek like someone was walking from the door to the kitchen, then he heard the fridge door open and a few minutes later, close.  Dad got out of bed and wandered through the house, no one was around.  The front door was still bolted as well as the screen door.

Before he went to back to bed, he said, “Hi Jeri.”


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