In a blink of an eye

And October, 2009 is about to disappear.  Two more months and we will be into 2010 … yikes …

My expiration of my driver’s license is 12/12/12 – boogah, don’t ya think?  That would be a good day to play the lottery.

Today was a pretty good day.  One of our customer’s brought us a bottle of his own wine.  Pretty cool!  Not that we drink much  …  but it’s still good stuff to cook with.

Yesterday hubby made a pot roast in the crock pot.  Then he made biscuits … quite yummy!  Today he made meatloaf as I was digging in the dirt out back.  I didn’t get the bulbs planted this weekend and tomorrow the weather turns ugly.  I figured I had better get them in the dirt.  So I now have 3 huge planter tubs full of bulbs … well, I know for sure one of them is full, the other two, I’m not sure … so it will be an interesting surprise come spring.  What did I plant where?  LOL … well, you see, my neighbor came over and she was talking while I was working and I kinda got the bulbs mixed up … LOL … so I have no idea.  I had about 12 bulbs left over, so I planted them along the shed in the back. 

Should they bloom – I’ll post a pic in the spring.  I say should, because I was busy yacking and working and I have no idea if I got the bulbs planted facing the right way.  LOL … I think they all have the pointy end up, but one never knows.  After my neighbor left, I was planting along the shed and our oldest granddaughter called.  I was able to talk to her in the middle of planting and getting all muddy!  It was fun, even with dropping the phone a couple of times.  I couldn’t get the phone to stay on my shoulder.

Then while on the phone with oldest granddaughter, our son called … LOL … we can go days, weeks, months, without talking to anyone and all of a sudden, we get called on the same day at the same time.  It was pretty funny.  We were able to talk to three of our five grandchildren, so it made our evening.  I know our other two have been sick, I just hope they are starting to feel better and the illness leaves the family.

We watched Dancing with the Stars and I’ve voted away using three phones and two email accounts.  LOL … I know, get a life!  It will be interesting to see the results tomorrow. 

We are due for a storm, this morning they said it was going to be a really good one with snow, etc.  Now tonight they aren’t sure what’s going to happen.  LOL, welcome to the Sierras.  I guess we had better attempt to leave for work before 7am.  We don’t have our studs on the truck yet and I really don’t want to put them on for another month or so, especially since we have to buy two more tires with studs.

Hope y’all have a great week!  Yack at ya later.


2 thoughts on “In a blink of an eye

  1. Funny thing in LA is that natives here associate snow with only the things they’ve seen in the movies, i.e. romance, warm cabins in the woods, etc. The concept (and pain-in-the-arse) of commuting through it never occurs to them! LOL

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