What the heck was that??

Raven vs Viking game … did they go to the stadium and forget the team? 

Wow, that was an unworthy win for the Vikings.  The Ravens played so much better through the game.  They only won, because the Raven’s kicker missed the field goal.  I would hate to be the kicker on the bus and plane … I think I’d find my own way home.  But still, for the record the Vikings have had this year, they were playing like last year’s Viking team.   What the heck happened to their defense?   As for the offense, I hope Peterson and Harvin are not seriously hurt and will be ready to play next week.  Otherwise, the Vikings could be stomped on next week.

I didn’t get home in time to watch the start of the game.  As I was eating lunch I saw a few plays.  Then I went outside to rake up Freddie surprises.  I had the back room TV on full blast so I could hear the game and I was able to see the last few seconds.  Hubby came out and said, “Well that was a win, but they really lost!!”  LOL .. exactly what I was thinking.  I hope whatever had them off this week is done and over with by next weekend.

So my neighbor was telling me that I carry alot of what other people are feeling in my kidneys.  That is why my lower back has been really bothering me.  She told me to imagine clearing my chi from the top of my head and out through my feet into the earth.  As wierd as that sounds, I did that and my lower back hasn’t hurt since.  I will have to stand outside and do that everytime I come home from work.   Because the pain in my lower back was really starting to worry me. 

Anyway, not much else going on … just trying to relax before tomorrow.   Y’all have a great week!!


2 thoughts on “What the heck was that??

  1. I love Tai Chi … you are right, it is relaxing. I should go back to it. It’s through our parks and rec dept and the classes were only $5.00 per qtr … not a bad price!

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