Hubby took me to Apple Hill today.  It’s only 100 or so miles away, but it takes 2+ hours to get there, since the road is curvy and you have to climb over the Sierras.  Note to self, never never never go on a weekend ever ever again!!  LOL … oh my word … people everywhere, cars everywhere and we only were at Boa Orchards. 

What did we get … let’s see I have an uncooked blueberry pie and an uncooked apple pie that were starting to defrost by the time we got home,  so they are in our fridge thawing the rest of the way and we’ll probably be eating pie for the next few days.  Then we got apples, pears, peaches, squash, onions, pumpkin bread mix, soup mix, seedless black raspberry preserves and peach preserves.  No, we didn’t get the cases of apples and pears because … they would go bad before we could eat that many AND I don’t know how to can and do those homey things.  But we did have some tasty tri-tip sandwiches and apple cider.  Next time we go (Not on a weekend) before they close for the season, we’ll have to be a little more prepared … like a cooler and cooler bags … duh … I was so excited to go somewhere that I just jumped in the car.  By the time we finished wandering through all the people and got to the cooked pastry window … they were sold out 😦   so we ended up with brownies and apple cookies … which were pretty good. 

Oh I forgot about the best part … I bought a jacket made out of a pullover sweatshirt … pretty clever the way she made it … I may have to try and do one myself. 

So I guess I have yardwork to do before football tomorrow.  Hope y’all had a good Saturday.


4 thoughts on “SURPRISE!!!

  1. Hey SG – how ya doin’? Sorry it’s cold there. I know we will have the real cold weather soon, but I’m enjoying the mid 60’s. My sis and her husband are warming up in Vegas. They’ll be there until Tuesday, then it’s back to KC.

  2. Heh – small world. I was up in the Southern California apple areas this weekend.

    I remember trips to Apple Hill when I was a kid. I’m almost afraid to think of how much its changed and grown since then!

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