42 years

Last night was my oldest sister (KC sis) and her husband’s 42nd anniversary.  I cannot imagine being married that long.  Then again, I can’t get over that we will have been married 26 years …bumpy as they have been, but still … mind boggling.

That’s the reason we were going to go to Vegas, since my sis and her hubby were there visiting family.  They decided to spend the week in a hotel and then go to my Vegas sis’ house for the weekend and the rest of their stay.  They return home on Tuesday. 

After I grumped at hubby last night, the phone rings at 11pm.  I looked and it’s my KC sis.  Before I can answer it, the phone stops ringing.  So I called her back and she said, I was trying to figure out how to text a message back to you, but I can’t figure it out.  I had sent both a Happy Anniversary text.  I usually buy really goofy cards, but that’s one of the things we’ve had to cut out of our budget.

They are having fun playing tourist, although they’ve walked their feet off along the strip.  They are staying at the Luxor and you need your key card to use the elevator.  They finally figured that out, however, one of the times they got in the elevator, used the card, pressed the button … elevator didn’t move.  They kept pressing the button and nothing happened.  Finally it dawns on them, they’ve been pressing the button for the floor they were already on.   My sis is 66 and her hubby is 67.  They spend most of their time taking care of their grandbabies … so being in the adult world is a bit unfamiliar.

Then again, there was the time my sis was talking to me on her cell phone.  All of a sudden she’s freaking out and I hear her looking for something.  Then I hear her saying, “Oh, Mike’s going to kill me, I can’t find it!”  I asked her, what are you looking for?  She then tells me, her cell phone, she keeps loosing it and Mike’s just going to kill her. 

As she’s frantically looking … I kept saying, Dino … Dino … Dino …  Finally I yelled into the phone … DINO!!   She says, what?   Trying to contain my laughter … I calmly tell her, she’s talking on it!!  With that we burst out laughing … one of those tears streaming down the face laughing. 

Too funny, but I shouldn’t laugh, I do the same thing already and I’m only 50.

I’m thinking of wandering to Apple Hill tomorrow … unfortunately, it’s still in the thinking stage as I have to figure out the moolah and see if I can get a few things there.  I’m thinking … apple turnovers.   LOL … yeah, just what I need, but they are sure good!!

Then again, I may just sit on my butt and finish the book I’m reading and/or crocheting the baby blanket.  LOL, decisions, decisions … I’m so indecisive it isn’t funny.  I guess it will depend on what hubby wants to do … lol … which would be N O T H I N G !

Hmmm, I must still be crabby at him … ya think?  Come to think of it, I was kinda crabby at my neighbor, when she called me for no reason at all.  No, I haven’t had the talk with her, I’ve just avoided her … hence the reason for the call … she hadn’t talked to me in awhile.  I’m glad she’s gone all day today … I may have to put the privacy film on the kitchen window.  I didn’t realize how much one can see through the kitchen window, even with the bamboo shade down.   Hate feeling like I’m in a fish bowl!

Anyways, y’all have a good day!


One thought on “42 years

  1. Wow, that’s pretty good. Looking for the cell while talking on it. Kind of like look looking for you glasses when they’re on the top of your head or looking for the pencil you stuck behind your ear. Never happens to me … yeah right.

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