Bleh Bleh Bleh, not to be mistaken for blah blah blah

Wednesday night … so how are you all spending your night?

Our dog has barked at us twice tonight …. not to go outside, but to go to bed.  We’ve had to tell him that this is our Friday and we don’t have to go to bed early.  Geesh … I think he’s finally given up and went to bed alone … lol … now let’s hear it … aaawww!!

Last night he wouldn’t go potty.  It was pouring rain and he was too stubborn to go.  So this morning … look out, he couldn’t get outside fast enough!  Oh well, someone called him our high maintenance dog … more like extremely stubborn and set in his ways dog.  Then again, he is 12 years old.

We were supposed to go to Vegas this weekend.  However, we aren’t.  Hubby’s face is still too sensitive to be in a car for 8 hours one way.  I have mixed feelings … I’d like to be there, but then again, I just can’t get motivated. 

Not much else going on in my neck of the woods.  I just snapped at hubby and now my whole thought process has gone to the dark side … lol … oh well, welcome to my world. 

Y’all have a great rest of the week.


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