It’s the Weekend – YAY

Here I sit broken hearted, tried to sh..  … oh wait, I’m thinking out loud again.  I have NO idea why this rhyme is going through my brain. 

But here I sit … knowing I should go outside and work on the yard to rake.  I’m not broken hearted by I have managed to get a breast bone/rib or something out of place.  It has to be the position I sit as I play Bejeweled Blitz … because I was fine this morning, until I sat for 2 hours playing this addicting game.  Hmmm, muscle relaxer and raking … will that mix?   LOL … could make for an interesting post!

The last couple of days, the landlord urged on by the property management company sent two crews out to trim the trees at the neighbors house (both of our houses are owned by the same person).  It took two days to trim back seven trees.  It’s nice to go outside and not wonder if any of the limbs will be falling on you.    They did a great job and I’m thankful no one was hurt in the process … except our corner neighbor’s new fence got the brunt end of a limb.  As I type this, I hear him out there, repairing it. 

BOUNDARIES … lol … I guess I am going to have to let my next door neighbor know about boundaries.  I don’t even talk to my sisters, much less my children as often as she wants to talk to us.  If I’m not out there, she calls … yes, I know, stupid of me for giving her our numbers … but … I didn’t want to be rude. 

I came home from work with burning eyes.  I hear there is a fire in Yosemite that’s causing stuff in the air.  My eyes hurt so bad.  I came home said hi to hubby and dog, put drops in my eyes and went to bed.  Yeah, okay, I may have checked facebook and played a couple of games of BB, then I went to bed.  I couldn’t be in a room with lights.  So dog and I layed on the bed watching Private Practice on the DVR.  My cell phone rings and I chose not to answer it, as I new who it was. 

This morning I get up, eyes feel so much better.  I decide to check my message and sure enough … it was her … her message:  “I just got up and I need to talk to you for a few minutes.  Call me back, it’s important.  If I don’t hear from you, I guess I’ll just have to come over.”

*Sigh* … probably another reason why I don’t want to go outside and rake.   Her house is still standing … so it can’t be that important.  And I want to know that she just got up  …. WHY???

I have no idea if she came over.  I was in our room with the door closed.  Hubby was in the front room watching baseball.  I do remember him coming in a couple of times, so maybe one of those times, was when she came over … lol … I’ll have to ask him when he wakes up.

Sorry, I’m venting … I adore all our other neighbors, because  … they are friendly and leave us alone … oy … this one … sheesh … God grant me the words to speak boundaries without being offensive.  Pain pills and muscle relaxer … before I talk to her … lol … now, that would be an interesting conversation!

Okay, done venting and I do feel a little better.  Still not sure I’m leaving the house, but that’s okay, I really should get the back room unpacked!

Starting next week I go back to officially three days a week.  The frightening part is that it may be less, as I’ll probably get dismissed around 2pm each day, since it is so slow.  Being this slow, makes the day longer and takes more out of you.  I’ve cleaned and straightened as much as I can around the office.  I may need to get a second job … if there is one to be found out there.  It would be nice if my days off would remain the same, but it changes, since I have to cover when the other two in the office go on vacation.  I guess we will see how it works out.  A second job is really NOT something I want  to do.  Although it is the holiday season and more places are hiring.   BAH HUMBUG!!

One of my upline people at MonaVie sent me a message that MonaVie Active and the EMV energy drink is the official drink of the Red Sox and the Angels.  I know the Utah Jazz have been drinking MonaVie for quite awhile.  I just need to get out there and do this MonaVie business for my second job.  Kick me in the butt already!!  Actually I do have a meeting set up with my upline so we can get me going.   I know it works and I need to get my business going so I can start drinking it for free.

Well, I guess I had better accomplish something today … then again, Grey’s Anatomy is calling me … I may have to watch that first.  LOL … love my DVR!   Y’all have a great day!!


5 thoughts on “It’s the Weekend – YAY

  1. I thought I played too much BB. I guess I have company.

    You could rake the leaves here … but you’d have to shovel the snow first. A couple of inches this morning.

  2. LOL … I think we should start the FB Bejeweled Blitz Anonymous meetings. Sorry, we had the snow here first … the leaves and branches are still waiting for me from the storm.

    Ugh, that means my son ran in the snow for the Market to Market Relay this morning. LOL … I’m anxious to hear what costumes they wore this year as they won the costume contest again.

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