Last day of my 5 days off

It’s amazing how fast 5 days flies when you don’t have to work.  Now if I were working the 5 days, it would be molasses slow.  Of course Sunday was spent watching football.  Yesterday I had to take hubby to the doc’s office so they could cut off a few of the spots that didn’t disintegrate  with the medical chemical peel.  Poor guy, but his face is baby soft. 

 Then I watched Monday night football.    I wasn’t thrilled that Favre was going to the Vikings.  I felt he needed to retire BEFORE he got seriously injured.   After watching last night’s game … I’m eating those words and am real glad he’s still enjoying playing the game.   To be one of those young kids on the Viking’s team and just hearing his stories and learning … that in itself will benefit the team in the long run.  Brett was very gracious in the interview at the end of the game, made me like him even more.

Since I have accomplished nothing these past few days, I had decided to clean the house.  I’ve been spending so much time outside, to avoid the inside that I’ve neglected the inside.  I feel bad … well, sorta!  I don’t like to stay inside unless I have to.  Yes, the weather is still cool.  I’m looking forward to the weekend as the weather is supposed to be in the 70’s … but then again, that was the forcast this morning … lol … welcome to the Sierras, when the weather can change at a drop of a hat.

I’m real happy this house isn’t as big as the other.  I know I’ve really only lost about 400 square feet, but it seems like more.  Probably because the bathrooms are no where near as big as the old master bath.  I think all the floors (not carpet) in this house is less than the floor space in the dining room/kitchen area of the old house.  I’m real thanful for that, makes cleaning the floors a snap!  However, I have, once again, over did my physical activity and I’m starting to ache.  It probably didn’t help that I had taxed my body trying to move the large tree limb that fell from Saturday night’s storm.  I know, not the most brilliant thing to do, since the limb was quite heavy and large.  Hey, I’m not known for my smarts … I see something and if I think I can lift it or drag it … then why not?!?!   No, I didn’t get very far as my neighbor came out and told me to leave it.  The property manager who manages both of our houses was sending someone over to cut it up and remove it.  I was bummed that we had given away our chain saw when we left Nebraska … I could have had fun with it on that tree limb.  LOL … now that’s a scary thought! 

I’ve been thinking (I know, what have I been thinking about now) but … I’ve been thinking that I want to do one of those vinyl toy things.  I want to take the pig shaped blank and turn it into a Vegas showgirl … well, okay an aging showgirl, but a showgirl with the full headress and all … I’ll have to find out from my son where to get them … ya think he can hook me up???!!  LOL  … I should write these crazy ideas of mine down … so I can laugh later on down the road.

Well, boxes are calling my name … I hate when they do that, but I guess I have been puting it off long enough.  It would be nice to not see stacks of boxes here and there.  Plus the back room … oh man, I have no idea what I’m going to do with all that stuff!!   I’m feeling a fall yard sale coming on!

4 thoughts on “Last day of my 5 days off

  1. HAHAHAH – GH you are so funny!! I really would like to help ya out there, but I’ve got to try and stay a step ahead of Homer Dog on the Bejeweled Blitz game on Facebook … LOL … I like the new updated version … am I sick or what?! Don’t answer that!!!

  2. HAHAHA …. okay, okay, okay … I’m a lazy a$$ … happy now? Although I do have to try and keep a step ahead of you. I haven’t broke 100k since my first score!

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