It is Saturday … right?

Hubby and I have been off a day.  Yesterday we thought it was Saturday. 

Last night we met our nephew in Reno for dinner.  He was up for the UNLV/UNR game.  Since he works for UNLV’s athletic department, he travels with the team.  This will be an interesting game, since UNR has lost all their games and UNLV has won 2.  Since they are rival schools, the cannon is the prize.  Reno has had the cannon for the last 4 years.  It is possible that Las Vegas may get the cannon this year.  Too bad the game isn’t going to be televised up here, I’d like to watch it from the warmth of my home.

We wandered to the new outdoor mall, The Legends in Sparks.  Dinner was at The Cadillac Ranch … the guys had a “healthy” (HAH)  burger consisting of blue cheese and bacon and I had the philly cheese steak.  We started with the pulled pork sliders appetizers … food was definately yummy!!  Atmosphere was noisy since they had a mechanical bull and before you ask … no, I did not get on it … although I was extremely tempted!!

After we waddled out of the restaurant and walked to Scheels … holy cow, big big store … since we only had 25 minutes, we didn’t get to wander too much.  A place we’ll have to spend time wandering as well as this mall.  The bad thing is it is on the northeast side of Reno/Sparks and we don’t get that far often.  Then again, it could be a good thing, since they have a Jones New York store and I love their clothes.

We dropped our nephew back at the Nugget in Sparks and made it home by 11pm.  I had to check facebook to see how my son’s custom vinyl toy art show went and it was a huge success.  They had over 400 people show up to check out the art on these toys, enjoy the food and listen to the DJ’s.   Here’s a quick clip of the show … you can see my son to the right of the large QEE toward the end.

One of these days I’ll make it to one of his shows. 

I should be outside doing the yard thing, but it’s cold and it’s supposed to get windy this afternoon.  It makes no sense going out and raking, when after tonight more leaves and twigs will be in the yard.  So I’m going to wait until Monday or Tuesday or maybe even next weekend when it’s back in the 70’s.  I figure next weekend I had better get my bulbs in the ground or in the containers … looks like the cold weather is going to hit sooner than later.  I think this weekend is just a preview of what mother nature has in store for us.  It’s supposed to snow tonight or tomorrow … ugh … I’m not ready for the white stuff!!

So I sit here in my fleece robe all warm and cozy.  There is so much I need to do in the house, but …


5 thoughts on “It is Saturday … right?

  1. so the cannon stays in northern Nevada for another year. Geesh … It looked like a good game in the first half … the second sucked!! I’m glad we had an exciting game to watch on the tele, Washington/Notre Dame – HD, I’m sure your wife is extremely happy today! It was a good game!

  2. Wow, Scheels Admin commenting on my post … I’m impressed! We definately will check out the store next time we are in Sparks. My husband was impressed that you actually had ammo in your cases, so many other stores are out. That in itself, will definately bring us back. Thanks for stopping by my little ole blog.

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