Cold Case rerun

One of the reruns of this show was just on.  I had such a reaction to the show.  It was about four brothers being killed on the street over the years and the last brother is left with the mom.  Mom turned out to be a druggie, but she didn’t always used to be.

Granted this family was a black family and the way the show started one would think it was all gang banger related … but as it unfolded, it was just a family trying to keep it together through trying times.   I’m not saying that they weren’t in a gang, but I’m saying that it was more family related than gang related.   The oldest brother was killed because the baby brother wandered into a gang’s alley, riding a scooter he just won from his essay at school.  From there, the other brothers were killed due to vengence. 

The oldest one  was just trying to stick up for his baby brother and get his scooter back.  The rest of the brothers were killed because revenge had sickened their lives.

They tried to do right, unfortunately, in order to take care of their mom and family, they turned to the street to survive. 

The message was pretty clear.  Don’t look at something and assume.  Not everything is what it seems to be.  This really hit me hard.  How many times have I seen something and made an assumption; a judgement?  Still as I write this tears well up, because there are just too many times that I’ve been the detective on this show and had the same assumption as she. 

How about you?  Do you see something and just assume it’s what you see and you assume you know all about their lives; all about what they go through?  My sister used to have a saying on her wall:  “Don’t judge me until you’ve walked a mile in my shoes.” 

Here’s to walking a mile in some elses shoes, BEFORE, we claim we know what they are going through.


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