It has been an interesting weekend.  Saturday morning I got up early to get the yard done.  I remembered to pick up a mask so I could cut the grass.  The last time I cut the grass, my allergies kicked in and I couldn’t breathe for a day and a half.

After I finished the yards, I got ready and went next door to my neighbors party.  Since her help didn’t show, I went over early and helped her get things ready, especially since she overslept.  It was a fun party and her friends were fun and interesting.

Yesterday I sat on the porch for an hour drinking coffee and reading.   The book was a page turner, so that is all I did all day.   I also started the next book in the series and I can’t put it down.  This morning I am again reading.  I finished the second book and started the third … lol … when I get into a new series, that’s all I want to do is read.  So what plans I may have had for today is now out the window.  Good thing I am off today and Friday this week.  Next week I’m off on Monday and Tuesday.  The week after that I’m off Thursday and Friday as we are supposed to go to Vegas. 

I haven’t made up my mind if we are going.   It’s almost 8 hours in the hot desert sun and hubby’s face doesn’t need to rays reflecting off the hood.  So we may stay home instead of go anywhere.  Which is actually okay by me. 

We have a cold front getting ready to move in … I hope the plants survive!  I have blooms starting to form on my climbing jasmines … oh well, we’ll see how they fair.  I guess I had better get my periwinkles in the ground so they stay warm through the winter.

Other than that, I’m just hangin’  reading/eating/watchin the tele.  LOL, could I get any more boring?   Oh well, y’all have a great week … oh yeah, supposedly my truck is getting closer to being done.   HAH, at least the parts have been ordered … but we aren’t going there.


3 thoughts on “HAPPY MONDAY!

  1. GH – you can come visit and sit on mine … next spring I’ll have the swing put together on the back patio … yeah okay the back carport … lol

    HD – lol … it all depends on what I’m reading. I don’t read anything too deep … it’s too much for my little brain to digest.

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