We Ain’t Plastic

Unless I’m with my son and grandchildren, I  hardly ever go into specialty toy stores.   So, what is this “We ain’t plastic” all about.  Well, let’s see, remember “The Freestyle 50” show?  The show he put together in Lincoln, featuring 40 artists work on skateboard decks.  Well, this show is a DIY QEE show.  From what I understand is they are vinyl blanks you can show your creative side.

Here are pics of the one’s he has done:

Ry vinyl 1

Ry vinyl 2 

Ry vinyl 3

Ry vinyl 4 

Ry vinyl 5

This next event he’s coordinated is the We Ain’t Plastic show on October 2, 2009 at The Public Shoestore at 1033 O street (inside the Black Market) in Lincoln, NE from 6-9pm.  There are many artists from the midwest area doing their talent on these vinyl blanks.  If any of you are in the Lincoln/Omaha and surrounding areas, please go to the event and give a shout out to my boy, Ryan.   Here’s the website with the information:  We Ain’t Plastic

Thanks to Dream Tree Toys, The Public Shoestore, Local Hero and Blue Orchid Restaurant for sponsoring this event.


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