Thoughts from a totally exhausted mind

Why am I exhausted?  Yesterday was one of the worst and best days I have gone through.  One of the most exhausting and stressful days and I wasn’t at work.  Although that did add to the stress, since I knew the office was short handed.

I mentioned about the truck’s emission control light flashing as I was traveling around the lake and that I had to go back on Friday morning to the dealer, since they couldn’t do anything when I showed up Thursday night.  So, I got my tired rear up an hour early to make the drive to Carson City BEFORE traffic got too crazy on the highway.  Since I didn’t know if the truck would go 40 mph or 60 mph, I knew I needed to get out on the road before those that are late and hurrying (which I am usually included) drivers.

I get to the service department of the Mazda dealer 10 minutes early.  I saw people in the bay and all, but the sign said they didn’t open until 7am.  So I waited … I know how irritated I get when people show up early and expect service before you are open and ready to go.  (yeah yeah yeah, I know, I haven’t gotten to work early in a long time … lol … hence the reason!)

At 6:59 I started the truck (on the second try) and honked the horn.  The big bay door rolls up and I knew the person’s station was just inside the door, so I rolled in and stopped.  It was going to cost $108.00 just to run the diagnostic check and see what was going on … I was seeing dollar signs and hadn’t even had coffee yet.

I wandered into the waiting room, no coffee.  There was a Krueg machine, but I had no clue how to use it, so I sat and read about Brad and Kim Paisley’s new addition to their family, Jasper.  (We have a stuffed bear that we named Jasper … but that’s another story.)  Finally the coffee lady makes the coffee and turns the TV on.  I watched everyone get their coffee as I sat and watched The Early Show give Julie a baby shower.  Did I make myself a cup?  No … and here’s why … I know, I know, TMI, but here’s why … I didn’t want to have to pee all morning and miss the guy coming in to tell me what was wrong with the truck.   Well, for those of you that watch The Early Show,  know the baby shower was at the end of the show, so it is already 9am … AND still no word.  By then I’ve called work and told them sorry, but I’m still waiting. 

Finally my little guy comes in and says … well, here’s what we’ve found … All 6 cylanders are firing, however number 1 is losing compression.  What we find when one loses compression is …wwaahh wwaahh  wwaahh … valve … wwaahh wwahh wwahh … take it apart … wwaahh wwaahh wwaahh … before we know wha’t really going on.  I’ll get back with you on the price to just do that.   Hello … am I in a casino???   I kept seeing dollar signs and the sound of kaching … kaching … and still no coffee!!!

Thoughts going through my mind at that time? 

  •  Someone change the dang channel I don’t want to hear about judge what’s her name and the two people having a domestic prob in front of her. 
  • Why didn’t I ask hubby to come with me.  (Because I foolishly thought I was going to be in and out of there quickly)
  • How am I going to explain all this to hubby when I have no idea WTF little dude was talking about.
  • I really really need coffee.

So I got up and decided to wander onto the lot.  Since this was a Ford/Mazda/Hyundi dealership, they had the new Taurus on display … big event with the Ford people were going to be there and explain the new technology at 10am … big fan fare … yada yada yada.  I have to admit this was a nice looking car and I really liked the color … it changed between blue and green.  Now that I think of it, like hubby’s eyes, change between blue and green. 

Luckily it was before 10am and I decided to wander to look at prices.  HAH … I should have stayed inside, but I couldn’t sit in the chairs any longer.  Back inside the TV was changed to ESPN and I went to find an empty chair. 

Finally the dude comes back in and gives me the price … but this is the price to fix it, not to find out what’s wrong … $1400, but he forgot to add for the machinist shop and $1600.00 to get this fixed.  After I picked myself up off the floor I asked him if any of this was covered under the warranty?  His question … did you get an extended warranty on the truck?  I told him that we had.  Big mistake, off he goes to check and I don’t see him again for almost an hour.  I knew he was busy and he was checking, in between customers and phone pages, as the waiting room had filled up and emptied out twice since I’d arrived at 7am.  He finally asked me to meet him at his station.   Thoughts?  RUT ROH!

He had been non-stop with people/phone that he could only check one warranty in between.  I told him that the extended warranty was through another dealer in Reno.  He called that number and went through the prompts.  It showed I did have a warranty there and then he put the mileage in …. tump da da dah …. warranty covers up to 75,000 miles.  

Missed it by 2500 miles … mileage on the truck was 77k+ … okay, brain scramble, can we take it to another shop get it less, since there is no warranty … what do we do … I called hubby … we don’t know any mechanics here … lol … if we were still in Lincoln, NE., no prob we had a great one there …

Finally I called my sis and asked if I could borrow the money.  Once that part got resolved, I could get the work started.  Gave the guy the okay and told him I was going to get lunch as my blood sugar was dropping.  A block from the dealership is a casino.  I was headed straight for their buffet with massive amounts of food!!    I finally came to my senses and went to Taco Bell instead. 

Went back to the service department, told the guy I was back and he was going to let me know when and if the car would be done the same day. 

Again, I watched the waiting room fill up and empty out.  This time NASCAR was on.  It’s pretty funny to watch the guys come in and stop dead in their tracks to watch a little and then go.  Must be an automatic pause button when they see or hear the engines roaring.

It’s getting later and now my thoughts are:

  • How am I getting home if the car isn’t ready?
  • How am I getting back if it’s ready tomorrow?
  • How am I getting to work on Monday?
  • What if I don’t have a vehicle until next week sometime?
  • I wonder how long it would take for me to walk home … let’s see that’s about 20 miles.
  • I wonder if the dealership shuttle will take me to Walmart and if I can catch the other bus to Minden.

So I call hubby to see if he’d check on the bus to Minden they call DART.  He calls me back and they stop running at 5pm.  The dealership shuttle stops at 4pm.  The time is 1:30 … alrighty then, I’ll hang tight, maybe we’ll have an answer soon.

I have never sat in a service waiting room and have anyone notice me before.  Okay, I haven’t sat this long in a service waiting room before, but still, the fact that the people there noticed was impressive.  One gentleman came back and commented about being back there three times and I’m still there.  I told him I was going to start answering the phone for them.  He laughed and said that’s good, we’ll give you a paycheck.

A little later a woman comes out and comments about how long I’ve been waiting.  I told her that they had a big job to do on the truck and I was waiting to hear if they could get it done today or when.  She then commented that we go to the same church and she was the customer service mgr.  She was going to find my little guy and get an answer.

About an hour later somewhere between, 2:30 and 3pm, she and the little guy appear before me.  Little guy tells me it’s going to take awhile, I told him I knew that, but he was going to let me know how long.  His comment is … not until next week.  “Do you want me to see if we can get you a rental car?” 

I had reminded him that when he checked the night before, there weren’t any available because of the air races.  He said he’d check again and off he went with the C.S. Mgr behind him.  He comes back and tells me they got a car in and that Enterprise would be right over.  I get in the truck with the Enterprise guy and he confirmed they were out of vehicles and was sitting all morning with nothing to do.  They finally started getting a few vehicles in and it was perfect timing when the service guy called. 

I am finally on my way with a rental at the dealership price (which is way way below what I could have rented it for) and all my questions answered.

What did I learn from this day?

  • Take hubby with me so he can be the squeeky wheel.
  • People do notice.
  • Always remain pleasant and calm even when you are stressed out and frantic.  (not an easy thing to do)
  • Always always always … ask God … here I am, now what?  He does answer and he knows your needs and he knows the timing.

5 thoughts on “Thoughts from a totally exhausted mind

  1. Wow, you had an awesome day! I agree with the “Always remain pleasant” rule. I can become rude at the drop of a hat but I have found that in some places, such as the counter at the airport, pleasant will get things done better that rude.

    I would add one more rule: Always take a good book with you. I’ve got some good reading done while waiting on other people.

  2. I was so unprepared … thinking it was only going to be a couple of hours. I had no snacks for when my blood sugar drops and nothing to read. I thought about going to the movies at the casino, which in thinking back, I probably should have seen a chick flick just to escape into another world, even if it is only for a couple of hours.

  3. I wonder if “crazy traffic” in Carson City is like “crazy traffic” in LA? Hmmmmmmm…

    Sorry to hear ’bout all the car troubles. Looking back on my high school years myself, I knew I should’a taken auto class!

  4. SG – thanks

    GH – yikes, can you imagine my truck in LA going 40, then 60 then 30, then 40 … and not changing the gas pedal? I’d be run over … except for when the traffic is moving 5 MPH bumper to bumper. I should have taken auto also, but it was a way different time when I was in school.

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