Still illin’

So this is day 3 of my illness … I thought by now I’d feel better.  I sat and cried it hurt so bad … and I’m not a cryer when I’m physically hurt.  I usually whimper or get mad.  I tried to get back in to see the doc, but he wasn’t in today.  I want to try and go to work tomorrow, but we’ll see what the pain level of the ache is.

I watched Inside the Actors Studio, guest was Dave Chappelle.  It was interesting to watch him and listen to him.  James Lipton is pretty funny through this interview.  I then looked Dave up on IMDB and found that he’s married to a filipina … lol … makes me like him even more!

Dang, had to take a break for another pain wave … this frickin sucks!! 

All I can think of all day is chicken soup.  I’ll have to have hubby bring some home when he gets off work.

Well, I gotta go, it’s hurting too much to be in this position.  Y’all have a good Humpday!


3 thoughts on “Still illin’

  1. SG & HD – thanks, friends … it was what I suspected. I didn’t take the medicine today and as the day progressed, the pain eased up and has pretty much gone away. Just a bit of tenderness on my calves. I did call the doc’s office and they told me to stop the meds and they are calling in another one to the pharmacy.

    I am already feeling better, I just wish I could say the same for my truck!

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