I am saddened at the loss of Patrick Swayze.  He was always a favorite of mine.  My heart and prayers go out to his family and friends.

I enjoyed the tribute to Michael Jackson on the MTV Awards.  One of the good things about the computer is you can watch the clip and not the whole show.  I especially liked “Scream” and watching his sister, Janet perform with him on the screen.  Powerful stuff.

I am extremely disgusted at Kanye West’s outburst on the MTV Awards when Taylor Swift won her award.  Kanye, sorry dude, totally classless, even if you did apologize on your blog.  The “Insider” poll sure thinks you’ve screwed up your career.  

Major Major Major Kudos to Beyonce.  Total class and grace toward Taylor.  You rock girls, keep it up!

I found myself rooting for the Raiders.  I was hoping they’d win the game, but the Chargers came back with a TD.  I like the older Raiders uniform, however, not the Chargers.  Something about large men running in light blue … just doesn’t seem right!

I am sick again.  Last night I had sharp stabbing pains in my ear and this morning I felt crappy.  So I went to the doc and I’m running a fever!  Oh goody and I thought it was another hot flash!  So I’m taking antibiotics and really feeling crappy today.  I hope I’m better tomorrow as we both have to work on Tuesday.

Hubby’s face is still red with the new skin, but he’s shed most of the dead skin.  We were told the new skin will change colors once it toughens up and the pigmentation is there.  I could tell he was feeling better today.  I’m glad because I needed help … hate when the whole body aches, even my teeth!

Here’s hoping you all stay healthy this winter.  I’d like to be illness free this winter, but it doesn’t look like I’m off to a good start.


3 thoughts on “Yeowzah

  1. GH – ugh, did his arms and legs ache so bad that if they fell off, he’d feel better? You know the pain between the numbness and tingling when you sleep on your arm all night? That’s how mine feel all the time and a mix of advil and tylenol are only keeping the pain away for a couple of hours.

    HD – so true … it is sad.

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