Death and Dying

These subjects have been on my mind lately.  I really have no idea why.  I wonder about hubby surviving if I should go.  Then I wonder if I can survive if he should go.  I’m talking monetary wise.  I’m sure we would go through our grief period and move on, but then again, one never knows until you actually go through that.

Last night I found out that a friend’s mom had passed on.  Granted she was an elderly woman, but she was suffering with diabetes.   I think she had other ailments also, but, of course, the diabetes is the one that would stick in my brain.

I’m not afraid of dying … I just wonder how if would affect my family … LOL … probably not at all.  They’d be happy that I was gone.  My middle daughter did one of those FB tests and the question was “what are you afraid of?”  She wrote “dying”  wow … I had no idea she thought that.  It could be that she was alive when many of our family members passed on.  

Because of my belief, I’m not afraid … if I were suffering, I’d welcome the sweet relief. 

I remember when my dad passed (I was pregnant with our middle daughter) my oldest nephew was real upset.  Dad was a chef and a gardner, my nephew has acquired dad’s culinary talent.  After the service, I remember giving my nephew a hug and telling him not to be sad.  Grandpa is up there cooking up a storm for all the family and friends that have gone on before him.  We both chuckled because I could see the spread dad would have made and was describing the food.


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