When you were in school and college, did you have a teacher that really stood out and made your school experience meaningful?

The teachers that stick out in my brain are the following:  1st Grade – Sister Michael Kathleen (OMG I remember her name!); Jr. High, Ms. Stickell (? I think that’s her name) she was the french teacher and Mr Sherman, he was the band teacher (really cool guy as he was a musician on the LV strip and I grew up around musicians); Sr High, Mr Piggot, he didn’t teach at my school – he taught at another school, I used ditch one of my classes to go on their field trips, because of the guy I was dating – but Mr. Piggot had a teaching heart – really good guy, but was killed by a student several years later; Mr. Jydstrup, he was the government teacher at my school.  He used to have a dart board and when he threw a dart, if it landed on your number you had to answer the question of the day … it was an A or F answer.   Needless to say he and the guy I was dating were friends and they would practice hitting my number all the time.  I got alot of F’s in that class!  He really didn’t have a unique way of reaching the kids, he just had that kind of luck where his sweater would get stuck on the cabinet and he couldn’t move.  Although, he did do mock court trials and some of the things hubby did were pretty interesting!

Last night I watched “Freedom Writers” … it had a great cast.  Even Pat Carroll was in it!  I am outraged at the way the school administrators and some teachers think of toubled kids.   Yes, I know these kids have a hard time adjusting to a regiment, but … being able to reach these type of kids, takes a special person to think totally outside the box and not just write them off and let them pass through, graduate or drop out without even knowing how to complete an employment application or with a 3rd-5th grade reading level.

Our senior year we had a change in school administrators.  The principal came from an elementary school and thought she could treat high school the same way.  Yes, I did go head to head with her underlings.  I think hubby actually went head to head with her!  Let’s just say, she was no longer the principal of our high school after our year.  I think she retired.  So when I see school administrators with major tunnel vision, I just want to shake them and smack some sense into them!!!

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