Indiana Jones Legos

After church last night, we wandered around Walmart … 2 hours worth of wandering … We found bikes we want … I want an adult tricycle … it even had a basket in the back for muttly or groceries or whatever …. but  … it was only a one speed … maybe there’s a multi speed one out there somewhere. 

Anyways, in our wanderings, we, well I should say, hubby, found Indiana Jones Legos .  They were so cool … I’m thinking that’s what hubby’s getting for Christmas!   Almost, makes me want to make a trip to Legoland …  almost!

I love Sunday morning at this house.  The street is quiet, the weather great, even though it was cloudy.  Muttly and I sat on the porch and took in the air, breeze, peace and quiet.   Kenny G was playing on the CD player from our living room. There isn’t anything like listening to soft music while porch sittin’!  Sunday mornings have become a big favorite of mine since we’ve moved to this neighborhood. 

I’ve been going over gardening books to figure out what I want to plant along the driveway in the back.    I have all these idea … I just need to figure out how much it’s going to cost … LOL … well, it’s good to have dreams! 

While on our Walmart wander, hubby also found a free-standing swing that also reclines … I see that also becoming part of our future investments.   Again, it’s good to have dreams … maybe if we wait long enough, the price will come down a little more.

Other than that, we are hanging in.  Not much else one can do other than that … so we are.

Hope y’all had a great weekend, have a great week and enjoy your Sunday!


4 thoughts on “Indiana Jones Legos

  1. I used to play with legos. Back before they actually had themes and were just building blocks of the imagination. Ahhh the memories.

    A lot of toys now a days take the imagination out of playing.

  2. Heh – Pretty sure I’ve still got my old legos in storage somewhere. ‘Course, they were old-school, before the days of movie-themed legos.

    But… Kenny G? Seriously? 😉

  3. hey now … be careful what you say about Kenny G! LOL … actually hubby probably has the same school of thought as you! Do I dare mention that after Kenny G’s CD, was Jim Brickman’s CD? Sunday morning is definately “me” time!

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