TGIF and Hello Saturday

I left work early yesterday, since we had to turn in our keys and the garage openers to the previous house.  The afternoon was turning stormy with a threat of hail.  There was quite a bit of thunder boomies and lightning flashes, but only enough rain to spot the ground.  I was hoping it would just pour, so the grass would get watered.

Then the lights finally went out.  They were doing the off and on bit for awhile, then finally nothing.  Thankfully there was a breeze and with the doors open it felt nice.  Hubby and I took muttly for a walk around the neighborhood and looked at all the historic markers identifying the different houses from the past.  When we returned, the lights were back on.  Apparently a light pole caught on fire.  I’m not sure the extent of the fire as the automated voice on the power company’s voicemail, didn’t go into detail.

Then we did something we haven’t done in a long time.  I have to ask, how many of you that have been married for a long time (us 25 1/2 years), have sat on the couch and made out/necked/played around …??  I felt like we were dating again and instead of the kids down the hall, at anytime, the neighbors could come over.  LOL … well, yes, one thing led to another and yeehaw … a wild night.  Unfortunately, age and miles are rearing their ugly head today … our bodies are aching … LOL …

This morning, I went out and did yard work.  So, now I’m really aching.  I have found that I will do yard work to avoid what needs to be done in the house.  LOL … so, yes, between last night and this morning, I’m done for the day.  Hands hurt from holding the rake and lawn mower and my legs are sore.  I may jump into the shower and talk hubby into taking me to dinner somewhere.

So that is what we are up to … how about you?


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