Pak Rat

I’ve been trying to walk on the treadmill each night, however, with the packing, I only have enough energy to walk about 2 miles a day.  I guess it’s a good thing that I’m still walking though.

Why do I always wait until the last minute to pack?  Now I’m scrambling and frettin’ … I’ve been working on it a few hours each night this week.  I can’t wait for Thursday when I’m off, to get a good day’s worth of packing in.  I was going back and forth between working Thursday or just taking it off.  But, in looking around this still full house, I think I’ll have to forget about the extra bucks and get as much done as possible.  

Hubby has a shoot on Friday (qualify with their weapons) so that will give me a good part of the day by myself to get more things packed.  Here’s hoping I can stay away from facebook long enough!

Two days in a row my morning blood sugar readings have been below 120.  That is a very good thing for me.  I’m hoping tomorrow it is again lower … but we had Taco Bell tonight.  We were running errands and I got hungry … so … fast food it was.   I did walk on the treadmill tonight, but … we’ll see.

I have no idea why I’m still awake, probably because I did just finish walking on the treadmill and I want to make sure my heart rate comes down, before I go to bed.  So here I sit, drinking water and eating a piece of bread.

So how’s it going in your neck of the woods?


6 thoughts on “Pak Rat

  1. Good news about the blood sugars. Last night, at the request of the Wife, I made pasta carbonara – heavy cream, Parmesan cheese, eggs. My arteries are still clogged with all th4e saturated fat.

  2. HD, you better set extra plates for GH and I … we wanna have some of that dinner!! It sounds quite yummy!!! From what my dietician said (that was when I was first diagnosed) the only thing I was to really worry about was the carbs … so the heavy cream, bacon, parmesan cheese and eggs … don’t scare me! LOL … just as you say, in moderation.

    GH – I want to say I read something about that in the past also … just can’t remember what, that’s why I didn’t want to go to bed after I got off the treadmill … I can’t remember what it is … but …

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