Another Monday

So I’ve walked 4.5 treadmill miles yesterday.  Tonight I walked a hair over 2 … tomorrow I’ll have to do the 4.5 or 5 miles.   We’ll see. 

Today the office was busy.  Not as busy as a normal summer day, however, busier than it has been in quite awhile.  We aren’t sure if it will continue or if this is just 4th of July fallout.  But, I was asked to work Thursday, so I get four days this week,  I’m not complaining.  Especially since I’ll need all the money I can to move into the new house.

Friday we are going to Reno.  Our oldest daughter and her family will be driving through and are stopping at one of the casinos … so we’ve booked a room and will board the dog for the night.  It will be a nice break and from what I understand the rooms have been renevated, so it will feel like  a mini vacation.  Then it is back to packing.    I’ve got a mover coming over on Thursday to give us an estimate.  I don’t think we can move ourselves.  With hubby’s back and shoulder, we won’t be able to move this stuff.  I’m hoping the bid won’t be too expensive.  Everything will be packed, they just need to move it from one house to the other.  BUT, we’ll see.  If it’s way out of budget, I’ll have to find an alternative … sigh!

I still haven’t worked on changing utilities or anything, I think I’m waiting to find out when and if the movers can do the move.  It would be nice if they were real reasonable … but I’m not getting my hopes up.

We finished off the last of the cake tonight.  I’ve only had a sliver of cake each day and a very small scoop of ice cream.  But it has really helped keep my overboard cravings at bay.  Now that we are out, I’m hoping they will continue to stay away.   Hopefully with jog/walking everyday, it will curb them.

Last night I didn’t sleep very long.  I went to bed early, then I woke up around midnight only to toss and turn until 2:30am.  So I’m a bit out of sorts.  I’m glad we have extra strong coffee at work. 

I was trying to write everyday in July, but I’ve already missed a day.  Oh well, it isn’t the end of the world.

Well, I may take another go on the treadmill … not for very long, just a stroll to help walk off dessert.

Y’all have a great week.


2 thoughts on “Another Monday

  1. I never could do the writing every day thing. I find I tend to go in spurts: periods where I’ll have stuff to write every day, then an entire week when I have nothing to say…

  2. It’s hard, but I always think of things to write, then I forget when I get home. Yesterday I watched the replay of MJ’s service, so all I did last night was the treadmill and then off to bed.

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