I didn’t go

I was supposed to help serve the pancake breakfasts at the lake.  Well, after yesterdays outing in the sun … I was done with the sun for the weekend.  I’ve started taking my other diabetes medicine because it works differently from the one I was only using.  There are two  bad things about this med though, one  – I need to be covered up when in direct sunlight; two – my muscles cramp … something I’m gonna have to ask the doc about. 

The reason why I started taking this med again, is that it works 3 ways.  The one I remained taking makes the pancreas release more insulin … which is wierd because the pancreas only has so much insulin … once it’s done … it’s done.  Plus the fact that Type II means my body is insulin resistant, so why do I want to dump more insulin in my body when my cells are not accepting it?  Way confusing and frustrating is this disease and meds.   Anyway, we’ll see how this goes for the month. 

Now that I have my weight challenge … I’m working on getting active.  Especially since we have the move at the end of the month, it’s probably a good thing to get the body going. 

I’m putting it out here in blog land … hopefully it will keep me accountable to lose the weight and get my sugars in a normal level.

Y’all stay safe out there … I know it’s a day for celebration … but don’t get too carried away.


5 thoughts on “I didn’t go

  1. I’ve been trying to exercise more as well. I’ve been riding my bike a bit. A bit too sporadically actually but I hope I can start the biking habit and ride at least four times a week. I’m also walking Homer every day. the poor guy was neglected too long. Now we walk every day that the weather permits.

    I know you will win the bet (or end in a tie at least). Moving is a lot of work and will help you keep busy.

  2. GH – it could be boring, since I mostly walk/jog on the treadmill. BUT, I am going to TRY and get all three of us out on a hike somewhere, at least once a week. We’ll just have to remember not to wander the hot desert so the dog’s feeties don’t burn.

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