It is Friday, not Saturday

Hubby and I have thought today was Saturday, not Friday.  A good thing, since we are pleasantly surprised there is still 2 more days until Monday.  We were up and ready to go at 9am.  Our friends were coming over to pick up the table, chairs and total gym.  So we loaded both of our trucks and headed to their house.  I’m so glad they will be able to use these things.  So much better than sitting and collecting dust in our house.

After, hubby and I decided to pick up the dog and go on a walk about in the valley desert.  It has been awhile since we’ve wandered in the desert on a hot day.  We forgot how hot the dirt gets.  Dog was not thrilled as he kept going for the shade.

dog and shade

If looks could kill!!  I’m glad he can’t talk, I’m sure he’d be telling us a thing or two about how dang hot it is down there.

So we wandered a little further and this is where he went.

dog and shade 3

After the third time of him running to the next tree shade, we finally got it.  LOL … this is what happened next.

dog and john

Yup, hubby had to carry the dog back to the car.  He wasn’t budging from the shade.  Now, this dog does not like to be picked up.  Usually his legs are held out straight and his body goes stiff.  But, this time he just cuddled into hubby’s arms until we got to the truck.  I, of course, was laughing my butt off.  It was too funny. Then hubby starts apologizing to the dog, because we forgot how hot the dirt gets in the desert.  Granted it’s not the lower desert, but it’s still 93 degrees outside.

Feeling bad, we decided to walk along the Carson River in Markleeville.  The dog was happy when he was walking in the mud and water.

dog and river

GH, here’s some river pictures for you …

Easr Fork Carson River in Markleeville

East Fork Carson River 2

East Fork Carson River 3

East Fork Carson River 4

Now we are home and pretty much wiped out.  Pizza and salad for dinner, then I think it’s an early bed time.

I hope you all have a great Independence Day.  Enjoy yourselves and be safe!


4 thoughts on “It is Friday, not Saturday

  1. awwww…. Poor baby! haha. I’m glad your dog liked the 2nd spot you chose for a walk! I like it when you include pictures in your blog, Deb! Looks like a beautiful place.

  2. Thanks, Renee … for a phone camera, it’s not too bad. One of these days I’ll get a real one. John (hubby)felt so bad. Dog is still in sleep mode. He’s not been very active today.

  3. LOL – thanks, GH. The East Fork of Carson River in Markleeville is becoming a favorite place of mine. It’s nice especially since it is so close to home.

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