Etc. Etc. Etc.

I’ve done it again … I hate giving into cravings.  Dinner tonight was BBQ ribs, loaded potato salad, sourdough bread, followed by Chocolate cake with wonderful chocolate buttercreme frosting.  As I sit here, I am regretting my lack of will power.  It tasted so wonderful, but I’m feeling like a beached whale. 

I’m stuck between knowing I need to watch my diet because of the problems that come with diabetes and the question of why bother.  No matter what I do, my sugar readings are still high.  So I throw my hands up and give in to what sounds good.    Then I get slapped in the face with the loss of 50 year olds.  I know it’s a wake up call to pay attention and stay on a proper diet, however, I want immediate results.  If I don’t get immediate results, then I have a tendency to give up.   Which is where I am again today, even with the wake up calls of the 50 year olds that have passed on.

I’m almost afraid to read the headlines, Billy Mays and now Fred Travalena are gone.  I remember Fred Travalena when he performed on the strip in Vegas.  So much of the Vegas I grew up with is going with the people and landmarks.  Granted Fred was 66, however, Billy Mays was 50 … MJ was 50 … I don’t even want to know who’s next.

I know I’ve fallen today, but tomorrow is another day, so we’ll see how I do.

On another note, I just flipped to the CMT awards where Taylor Swift is performing with Def Leppard.  I cannot get over how much our oldest grand-daughter looks like Taylor Swift.  LOL … too bad her parents won’t let me be a backstage grandma.  It could be fun!

Gene Simmons Family Jewels is back on A & E.  I LOVE watching this show.  I laugh so much at all the things he gets himself into.  He may be KISS and the guy that has slept with an very large number of women and a tongue that rolls down to his chest … but, considering all that he’s associated with, he is more normal than other rock groups.  If you get a chance, you should watch it on A & E … I always have a good laugh when it’s on.

Tomorrow is hump day … then Saturday in the Park, I think it’s the Fourth of July … lol … 4th of July will actually fall on Saturday and I will be in the park at the lake serving pancake breakfasts for the Lions Club.  Last year I helped with the breakfasts, then I walked across the street to the beach and cooked burgers.  I’m only doing the breakfast this year.  Hubby has to work at the lake from 8am until … who knows.  I may get off the mountain after the breakfast and wander either in Reno or come home and start packing.  Hmmm … wandering or packing … lol … such a hard choice!  Bad thing is it will be way cooler at the lake, however more crowded.  The valley will probably be quite warm.  Who knows what I’ll do … maybe catch a movie … or … dang, why can’t we have something cool here, like the Crown Center in KC?


7 thoughts on “Etc. Etc. Etc.

  1. And now your in Vegas??? I actually live in the Minden/Gardnerville area. Smaller town, but close enough to other things. Plus we work at the lake so we have a beautiful drive to and from.

  2. Eating right is tough. Motivation helps and I would guess that your grand-kids, and watching them grow up, would be great motivation for taking care of yourself. We all have our bad days. I had ice cream with cookie dough on Saturday. The key is to get back into control as soon as you can.

    Oh, and don’t call it wandering. You are exercising by power walking in Reno.

  3. Jean – I didn’t realize you were in Arizona. Oh man, even hotter! But true, Vegas is a fun destination if one is visiting.

    HD – I know my “motivation” for staying alive is large, but, dang my cravings can be so much larger. I am working on control … unfortunately, I’m one that has to eat all the bad stuff until I finally get so sick of it, then my control kicks in. Pretty sick,isn’t it? As my doc says, I’m wierd!

    LOL on the wandering … so that means I need to walk around Reno? I can’t just drive by? If it wasn’t going to be so crowded up here at the lake, I’d do a hike, but I’m a chicken when it comes to hiking alone. I’d run into all the critters that would rather eat me than the cute little things that scurry on the ground.

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