Happy Father’s Day

It’s always a blast to meet a blogging buddy.  Yesterday I met Sweetiegirlz and her hubby, Pinoy Boy.  It was wonderful meeting and visiting with you.  My son and his family had a nice visit also.  (I cannot believe I didn’t take a pic of you … D U H ! ! !   The gray in my hair is actually platnum …. yes, I’m a blond!!)  Thank you so much for the magnet, it will be on my fridge.   Here is my son’s blog and website .  Wish there were more hours in the day to hang out.  This weekend has flown by.

Tomorrow in the afternoon we fly home.  My Vegas sis and I will be together on the flight to Vegas, then I change planes and fly back to Northern Nevada.  I’ll miss everyone here, however, I definately will NOT miss the humidity! 

KC sis is doing great.  She’s walking up and down the stairs and is pretty much holding her own.   Yesterday late afternoon I went to the park with my nephews, their wives and their children along with my son, his gf and my grandbabies.  I’ll post the video when I return home, since I can never remember my sign in info to You Tube.

Other than that, these four days have flown by as usual.  I’m bummed since I missed spending father’s day with hubby, but … I’ll make it up to him someway. 

To all that are fathers out there, I hope you had a great day with your family.

Nighty night and I’ll talk at you when I return.


3 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. I wish I had a Vegas sis. I had a Henderson sis for a while, but that doesn’t count. I just found Sweetiegirlz blog yesterday, thank goodness! Being new to wordpress, finding the humor blogs hasn’t been easy. Followed her blogroll over to you. Hi! I should have said Hi first.

  2. Hi Jean,
    Welcome to dobegil-land. You will find all kinds of topics in both of our blogrolls. I’m sure she would agree that, through the computer, we have met interesting and supportive friends. I can’t wait to physically meet the others in my blogroll.

    Pull up a chair and have fun reading through my rants and raves … lol … and comments are always welcome.

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