What’s up

KC sis is doing great.  We hung around the house most of the day, except for the trip to Costco and the grocery store.  We must have been hungry since we came home with several already prepared items.   Definate eye bigger than the stomach thing!

Today my Vegas sis and I watched our nieces (KC sisters grandbabies)  We took them to the lake behind our sister’s housing division to feed the fish.  The to Bass Pro Shop to look at all the stuffed animals, the fish and the ducks.  Then off to the park across the waterway from the store to play at the playground.  We stayed for just a little bit, since it was so humid.  Then off to the mall to play in the childrens area and ride the carousel.  After that, it was snack time and back to the house for nap time.  

Marci, Vegas sis, is asleep in the basement where it is cooler.  I probably should take a nap also, since our nephew is taking us on a ride along.   LOL … I get to see cops in action … hmmm … could be a good or bad thing … I’ll have to let you know tomorrow. 

KC sis is doing great!!  She’s up and moving and eating again.  By the time we leave, she’ll be ready to go up and down the stairs. 

My son and his family are driving down for the weekend.  It will be fun to see them.  We  have a new generation of babies, two more of our clan will be born this year.  I’m glad the younger generation will have more cousins to hang with. 

Well, I’d better go, the older niece is up and wandering, while everyone is sleeping.   LOL … hmmm, I guess we’ll go see what kind of mischief we can get into … ;-D


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