Home alone, part deux

I’m a bit hesitant to be home alone today.  Hubby has to work at the lake, since his boss had back surgery and their office has paperwork to catch up.  For those of you that don’t know about the last time I was home alone, click here.

I’ve never worried about being home alone before.  Actually I enjoyed it, however, now I’m concerned I’ll do some other crazy thing and be stuck again.  So, what am I doing today?  Cleaning the carpets.  Now it’s not usually a big deal, but the carpet cleaning machine is in the garage.  Me, the garage and the door between the garage and house along with the steps … well, we don’t get along too well. 

Hubby’s helped me move the treadmill out of the front room so I just need to move the other stuff out so I can get the front room done.  Depending on how much time I have left, I’ll try and do the halls and our room, but, I’m not going to make myself crazy if I don’t get them done.  My main concern is the front room to take care of the kitty accidents she had during her last month.  I’ve spot cleaned them, but ya know, you gotta get in there with the carpet cleaning machine to really get it cleaned up.  Hah … dobegil vs carpet cleaning machine … any guesses who will win???


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