What day is it?

I’ve gone from working 2 days, then 3 and now 4.  Today I was supposed to go to Auburn, CA to file a mechanic’s lien, however, yesterday afternoon, the customer paid, so all I had to do was a lien waiver and mail it out.  Instead of wandering to Auburn, hubby and I had to work, which is a good thing, but a strange thing, since we’ve been working so few days a week lately.  I’m now working  Friday and Monday because our salesman is going to Stanford for medical tests.    I get to work the rest next week, because the office manager and her husband/co-owner of the company is going to Texas for their son’s graduation.  I’m just hoping I have the staminia to work five days in a row.  lol … it’s been awhile.

I have to admit work is picking up, but not anywhere near the volume it usually is.  We’re still making it week to week and the salesman has had quite a few window quotes this week.  Unfortunately, everyone under the sun is also bidding on the same project.  So, depending on how hard one wants to fight and how low you wanna go, is the one that get’s the job.  But in order to stay in business, you can’t go lower than your cost.  It’s become such a dog eat dog world in the construction business right now. 

I know quite of few contractors, our customers, that have nothing … nothing … nothing going on.  No future projects, no future prospects.  I feel for them, because I know they’ve probably had to lay off their crew.  And still try put food on their table and keep the roof over their head. 

I hope what everyone’s saying is right.  That things are starting to turn around and get better.  It will be an interesting year.


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