Duck duck goose?

While sitting along the creek in the park, these little guys waddled past us to get into the water.  I had to take a picture of this one.

ugly duckling 2

Its body was black and white and its head was black, white with a little mallard green.  So I’m assuming it was male since he’s hanging with the other males.  My guess is they are teenagers in the duck family.  But what the heck was it that came along and fertilized it’s egg?  

When we lived in Vegas, one of the offices I worked at had a pond in the center of the complex.  We had a mallard duck family living there.  Every year when the eggs hatched, the little fuzzy babies would wander around.  If we left the back door open, the family would wander through our hallway quacking away.  Between our office and the dentist office next door, they were well fed ducks.  It was our stress reliever, considering we worked for an escrow/title company and worked late hours many many years ago.


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