Day of Wander

We were going to wander today and enjoy the weather, however, as we were getting into the truck, hubby reminded me that we need to change the studded winter tires for the summer tires before we drive into California on Thursday.  So, the day of wandering was changed to a day of waiting.  We brought our other tires for the tire place to change them over, plus we decided to get the oil changed and the truck lubed, etc. 

Well, it turns out two of our summer tires were bad and they wouldn’t put them back on the truck, so we had to buy two new tires.  Three hours and $400 later, we were ready to wander … lol … so we wandered to the grocery store and then home.  I’m now ready to stay home the rest of the weekend.  It costs way to much to leave. 

We did get to sit outside at the park for over an hour.   So I suppose the day wasn’t a total loss.  Just a monetary one.  Hope your weekend’s going well, I’ll be sitting at home playing Bejeweled 2.


3 thoughts on “Day of Wander

  1. I am definately addicted to bejeweled … either on msn or the one in facebook. If I had it on my phone, that would be a really really bad thing!!

    I wanted to wander to my favorite store that’s going out of business to try and get in on the major discounts … but … I am thankful that they wouldn’t put the tires back on, especially since we travel up and down a curvy road, getting to the lake every day for work. It would be a bad thing if we blew a tire in an S curve going 65 mph.

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