Memorial Day Weekend

The official holiday to kick off summer fun.  Yesterday we had midwest weather, severe thunder storms.  It  actually looked like a black wall cloud and if we were still in Lincoln, NE., we would have gone to the basement and turned on the radio.  One never knows what is in a wall cloud.  It is so dense that even the instruments can’t tell.

However, being in the west, the wall cloud produced  great contrasts between light and dark as well as a double rainbow.  No, I didn’t take pictures, since we were driving, so you’ll just have to take my word for it!

I’ve worked most of this week, Tues thru Fri.  Hubby has worked these same days also.  This was the last week we drive to Reno to get to Incline … woohoo!!!  My poor truck, the added miles are making it groan.  Better get it lubed and oil changed soon.

Today the sky is clear and we really should just get out there and wander.  LOL … yeah, I know I say this, and here sits my butt … *sigh*

You all have a great three day weekend!  For those of you traveling, have a safe trip.  For those of you that are hiking … enjoy and be safe.  For those that are having BBQs, have an extra something tasty for me!


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