Wow, great night of class

We had class tonight and the teacher/pastor shared a story that made me think, made me cry and was so powerful, I am still blown away.  Those of us who are believers and have had situations in our lives where we were deeply embarrassed, hurt, humiliated, crushed, broken … Pray for the insight as you think of the worst of the worst situation, then ask Jesus into that situation.    Just in listening to how Jesus healed his pain and helped him forgive was so very powerful.  

I’m not real good at thinking about the pain of old brokeness, however, I am going to try, only because I would like to get to the point of truly being healed and free.   The chapter we read this past week was such an eye opener.  It revealed how much growth we’ve been through since starting this class.  With each chapter, we had spiritual bashing.  But what an awakening.   The book is “How People Grow.”  If you are interested, get the book, it really is a great tool for those of us visiting this world, with a greater destination ahead.


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