Today is my hubby’s birthday.  As he puts it, he’s no longer 50!  lol … he says he’s going backwards instead of forward.  Well, mentally he may be right. 





It’s kinda wierd to think we are one of those baby boomers they talk about.  Mentally we’re still in our 20’s, but the body lets us know differently.

So Happy Birthday, Hubby.  I hope you have a wonderful day, even though I won’t be home until after 8pm.  Maybe we can do something this weekend, especially since it’s a holiday weekend.

Hope you all have a good hump day.  It sure is warm where we are.  I hope your weekend weather is pleasant.


2 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HUBBY!

  1. I hope you got him something nice for his birthday. And I’m guessing he turned down your request to try to re-create the “then” picture for the blog. 😉

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