I Love Lucy

Remember those “I Love Lucy” shows?  Well, I was her yesterday.  While taking things out of the cat room and cleaning them up, I decided to take some boxes to the garage.  Well, going out the garage door, I missed a step, down I went and the door slammed.  Trying to figure out what the heck happened, I picked myself up and went to turn the knob, l o c k e d … dang … I had no key, no phone, no watch,  luckily I had clothes on.  I wandered to the sprinkler timer to check the time.  It was 11am.  Dang!

Hubby was working at the lake and I wasn’t expecting him home until 1-2pm.  So I managed to sweep up the garage floor.  Luckily I had just put the dog outside, prior to locking myself out of the house.  I opened the side door and called the dog into the garage and there we sat waiting for hubby to come home.  I found one of those folding chairs in the garage so I had something comfortable to sit on.   I could hear my cell phone ringing and I knew it was hubby by the ringtone.  Finally he drove up after 2pm.  He stepped out of the truck and said, “That explains why you didn’t answer the phone.  How long have you been locked out?”  

Note to selves … make a duplicate key and hide it in the garage for those “I Love Lucy” moments. 

Thank you, God, I didn’t break a bone or two.  The bruises that started to form are gone today.   How is that possible?  I usually bruise and the bruises would be in full bloom today and last a week.  The only thing I can attribute it to is the MonaVie.  When I got back into the house, I drank another serving and finished cleaning the cat room.  I’m a bit sore today, but my hand is not multi shades of blue and green and the bruise that was forming on my leg is gone.  Just a small bump where I hit it.  I knew this product was great, however, the longer I’m on it, the more I am amazed.


4 thoughts on “I Love Lucy

  1. I had a spare key made … after I locked myself out in my pajamas (t-shirt and shorts, no shoes). I ended up going to the neighbors and calling my Mom who has our spare key. I won’t do that again.

  2. HD – Ugh, being locked out is no fun. At least you could call someone to get back in.

    GH – LOL – yes, karate kicking the door in would be much cooler, however, I couldn’t even get the dang screen off of our bathroom window to try and climb through. Of course, it would have helped if I had the right tool to pop the screen off. I’m sure if I was a burglar, I would have no prob getting the screen to pop off! Plus the fact that this is a rental and I don’t want to pay for door damage. LOL

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