Just for fun

Just for the heck of it, I thought I’d try to do a road map of the tangled web … lol … are you ready?  Now keep up…

There’s me, who went to school with Jill.  We went to school with John (my hubby).  John and Jill got married out of high school.  They introduced me to my  first husband, Mike.  Mike and John were best friends.  John was best man and Jill was one of my bridesmaids when Mike & I got married.  J&J had a daughter, which I refer to as our oldest in my posts.  M & me had a daughter & son, which I  refer to as our middle daughter and son in my posts.   Then to shake things up a bit, we all divorced. 

I started dating John.  Mike started dating  his old girlfriend, Kim.  Jill started dating one of her friend’s ex-husband, Doug.  We all got remarried.  LOL, so in our childrens lives, there are Mike, Kim, Jill, Doug, John & Me. 

Even though we all divorced each other … when you have children, you  still have the exes in your lives.  There are some that won’t have anything to do with their exes … can’t even be in the same state much less the same room as them.  Which I think is hard for all, especially the kids.

Do we all get along … not always.  Do the exes piss us off, yes … but you just deal with it, because between all of us, we have these beautiful children.  Now these beautiful children gave us grandchildren.  So, we continue to have our exes in our lives.

Confused?  Wait, it gets better … Mike and John are friends with Rick.  Rick is married to Rose.  Rose had a couple of daughters.  One of her daughter’s first husband is currently our middle daugther’s husband.  From that first marriage is a daughter and a grand-daughter to Rick and Rose.  Now that our middle daughter is married to Erik, his daughter  not only has Rick & Rose for grandparents, but Mike & Kim, and John and me.   LOL … so at family functions, when it comes to our children from my first marriage and our grandchildren … Mike, Kim, Rick and Rose are  invited.   As was the case at the family BBQ.

Whenever we play connect the dots, usually everyone is confused before we get to the half way point.  Their eyes glaze over and give us the deer in the headlight look.

We were at our 30th yr class reunion, hubby was connecting the dots for a husband of one of my friends … he had to stop hubby, because he was getting a headache!  LOL … our 10th yr class reunion hubby was talking to someone and said, well I’d better go find my wife … to which that classmate said, “Oh, Jill’s over there.”  Hubby then said, “Not that wife, my other wife!”  

Headache?  take two asprins and call me in the morning.

Glazed eyes?  shut them, count to ten and reopen.

Confused?   LOL … join the club!

Family Tree?   Don’t go there, the branches will make the tree fall!


4 thoughts on “Just for fun

  1. Hey Deb, you did a good job. Couldn’t have told it better. See you
    this weekend at Melissa’s graduation. (Another family function)

  2. G – lol welcome to my world.

    Jill – Thanks – unfortunately we aren’t able to make it … We are really bummed about it. I’ll email you later.

    GH – I’m afraid it would be all lopsided and run off the paper … lol

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