Tax Day Fallout

I’m assuming everyone survived good old tax day.  Some a bit poorer than before, but that deed is done … well for the most of us.

I mailed our taxes on Monday.  Yesterday I had to take a few certified letters to the post office and the line was out the door … DUH … I forgot what day it was … I’ll have to mail them from here today, since this is my RDO (regular day off).

Today is the monthly doc check up … I don’t want to say this too loud, but neither of us are sick!  Can that be possible????!!!!????  I’m not sure our bodies will know what to do without another round of heavy duty antibiotics … LOL

Update on my wellness journey … I’m down to two medications … am I telling the doc that ?  Heck no!  He just wants to continue to prescribe meds for me !!  Don’t get me wrong, as I’ve said before, I love the doc … he’s funny and smart, but thanks to the pharmacutical companies, his job is to give another pill for this or that.  Never mind that they counteract each other.  Never mind that the side effects can be worst than the problem!  Never mind that the dang co-pay is $50 … hell-ooooo … I’ve got better things to do with $50, thank you very much!

Oh sorry, got off on a rant … let’s see back to wellness journey.  I’m down to two meds (blood pressure and diabetes).   No more cholesterol pills, which by the way, was the one that kept me feeling sick and tired-like the flu.  One of the great side effects of this drug.  No more heavy duty anti-inflamatories, which was causing the pain that radiated up into my chest.  No more heavy duty cough syrup, which was causing my eczema flareups.  No more antibiotics, which was destroying the good bacteria the body needs.  

NO MORE MEDS!  NO MORE MEDS!  NO MORE MEDS!!   LOL, sorry, I wanted to get in on my own protest!

Remember how I was done for the night at 6-7pm?? You know, after dinner, I was in bed by 8pm so I could have enough hours to toss and turn and toss and turn in order to try and get enough hours of sleep to function the next day?  Well, baby, not anymore!  This girl is up past 11pm … lol … I feel like a kid whose gone past her bedtime!  PLUS … I sleep soundly through the night and wake up ready to go … WITHOUT coffee!!!!  WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Somebody pinch me … I must be dreaming!  I thought for sure the next 20+ years was going to be bed at 7pm, up at 5:30am, dragging all day and looking forward to 7pm.

That’s just me … I haven’t even touched on how hubby’s doing … but that, as they say, is for another day.


6 thoughts on “Tax Day Fallout

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling so much better. I had a Doc once that was pill happy. I flushed him like pills down the toilet, I tell you. The next doctor took me off all my med except one (I have very high triglycerides) and I am healthier for it.

    Good for you!

  2. I also had a doctor who kept trying to put meds down my throat. She would give me something – I wouldn’t like the side effects so she gave me something for those…it was ridiculous! I’m down to three pills – 2 blood pressure ones and 1 for mental balance. It is so nice to be off the others and, as I get into shape, I’m sure I’ll be able to cut out at least one of the bp pills and soon will only be taking the mental balance one in the winter months.

    Congrats on feeling so much better – it is so liberating to take charge of one’s own wellness. 🙂

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