Good Evening

I’m real happy Monday’s over with.  Not that anything happened, just that I’m closer to my days off … lol … yeah, I know, rub it in!  Last days off were pretty busy and no, GH, we didn’t go to the party on Saturday.  It was way northeast past Reno and Sparks and I didn’t want to use up the half a tank of gas it would take to get there and back.  I know, pretty lame excuse … but hey, that’s me.

Monday nights are always difficult … even though today was a decent day, by the time I get home, I’m wiped.  Although I did the treadmill (without the dog) while watching Dancing with the Stars.

The office manager’s sister and her family stopped by the office.  This is the sister that had that awful rare cancer.  After the series of heavy duty chemo, they did the open chest operation to remove the tumor and found it was still encapsilated.  They’ve ran other tests on her and she is cancer free!  YAYA!!  It has been 4 weeks and she looks great!!!  She’s still wearing her wig, because her hair is starting to grow in, but one would never know all she has been through since October.  I thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!!!

Looks like we are traveling sooner than anticipated … we’re going to Vegas on the 17th.  Family BBQ at my nephews house, so the fam can visit with my son while he’s there.  He won’t have the grandbabies with him, but that’s okay, it will give him more time to zoom around town seeing everyone he wants to connect with, before jumping back on the plane to the midwest.

Other than that … not much else new.  I hope y’all have a great week!!  Talk at ya later.


2 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Good news about the cancer being gone.

    This month must be the family get-together month. On the 18th the Wife and I are going to a mini-family get together.

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